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Robyn Neil steps down from the Auckland Hockey Board at the 2022 AGM after 7 years of service 

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In the lead up to the 2022 AKH AGM Robyn Neil announced she was stepping down from the Board after two terms beginning in 2016.

CEO Manoj Daji said “Robyn will be a massive loss to us at Governance level and our sport was richer for her involvement for over 36 years! On behalf of all stakeholders our sincere thanks to Robyn for her selfless service. She will be missed as a contributor in so many aspects of Auckland Hockey and NZ Hockey. Robyn is a perfect example of our sport having a lifelong impact on the people and their families within Hockey and the people within it having a lifelong impact on our beloved sport. Personally, I am indebted to Robyn for her loyalty and support over the last 6 years and wish Robyn well on the next chapter as she navigates the impacts of COVID on her and Tony’s business and time with family.”

In 2019 at our Annual Prize Giving Robyn was awarded a Gold Service award for her 34 years of service.

Robyn has been involved in hockey for her entire life to date starting on the sidelines with her father who was one of the founding members of the Roskill Eden Hockey Club in the late 1950s.

Robyn played at club level in Auckland up to 1986 and was a founding member of the Somerville Womens team in 1981. Robyn has also served and represented Auckland Hockey and HNZ in the following capacities since the 1980s:

– Member of the Auckland Hockey Supporters club in the 1980s at Hobson Park.
– Auckland Hockey Board member since 2016.
– NHL Manager 3 times for 2 medals.
– U15 and U21s Manager 5 times for 5 medals.
– Black Sticks Womens Manager at U21, U18, U23, and Black Sticks level since 2013 for 53 matches, 3 gold medals and including the Junior World Cup in Chile.
– Youth Olympic Games Manager for the 2014 games in Nanjing.
– Heading up the re-instituted AKH Supporters club since 2017 and providing a hand-up to AKH Rep Players to date.

Robyn has managed all of this while being a Mum, wife and now Grandmother as well as being an entrepreneurial Business women. Her business vision will see many Kiwi families enjoy low cost affordable housing. With service to Auckland Hockey as well as service to two Auckland Clubs and HNZ Robyn was a deserved winner of an Auckland Hockey Gold Service award.

On stepping down Robyn commented “I have always considered it to be a honour and privilege to be given a chance to contribute back to a sport that has given me and my family so much.I’m pleased to be leaving Auckland Hockey in a better place and would like to thank all those that have worked with me to achieve this goal.I am excited to see the calibre of the of incoming and existing Board members. Their passion and energy will drive us forward.”

We sincerely thank Robyn on behalf of all Auckland Hockey stakeholders for her contribution to our sport in Auckland and for her selfless service, wisdom and adding value to our great game. Auckland Hockey and HNZ is richer for her experience and involvement.

AKH proudly acknowledge the support of our Partners