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Congratulations to the following players:

Arun Panchia SDHC
Brennan Alexander-Parker REHC
Dan Easton HPHC
Dylan Muggleston HPHC
Hamish McGeorge REHC
James Stables SHC
Jignesh Keshoor REHC
Joe Crooks SDHC
Julius Talavou SDHC
Kim Kingstone SDHC
Luke Holmes HPHC
Malcolm Curley REHC
Marcus Child SDHC
Matt Van Ardt HPHC
Mitchell Murray WDHC
Owen Hood-Edwards HPHC
Reagan Harnell SDHC
Shay Lala REHC
Tom Marchant REHC
Vincent O’Connor HPHC
Will Stables SHC
Yash Khushal SHC

Note : 4 to be omitted.

Coaches : Arun Panchia SDHC and Clive Daniels HPHC and Ketan Hari AUHC

Manager; Dalien Venter HPHC 

Physio: Paul White 

All non-selected players are encouraged to make themselves available for  the Aus Exchange /Training Camp to be held in the Gold Coast or Brisbane TBC in the last week of November culminating in Hockey One finals weekend. Please advise Auckland Hockey if you would like to be considered for this opportunity.



AKH proudly acknowledge the support of our Partners