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Coach the Coaches COVID Edition

COVID Coaches Corner Videos 

Below are videos from Joe and Manoj who interview and  provide insights/perspectives into a range of different areas of coaching. This will include topics from coach masterclasses and interviews with some of our best hockey minds through to sharing knowledge on things like assessing player effectiveness and alternative methods of data collection. The self-help focus will be referring you to various hockey links from around the world aimed at helping your development as a coach.

Week One with Shane McLeod

Visit on Facebook for online coach conferences, coach chats, coach courses and a coach catalog for ambitious field hockey coaches. For hockey coaches from all levels and all over the world, who are ambitious and want to improve, is an online conference to “share the knowledge”. Unlike traditional conferences, coaches do not have to travel at high expense to attend this meeting.

Interviews include Coach Chat with Shane McLeod.


Week Two – Sport NZ Tops for Coach Development during Lock Down

Sport NZ have shared some tips for Coaches development during the lockdown and are releasing a resource providing coaches tips for development during the lockdown. Click here for their first article – Tips for Coaches During Lockdown.

They will be providing follow up information on each of their tips including insights from coaching leaders from around the world.

You can also find more Coaching Resources from Sport NZ here:



Week Three with Manoj Daji 

This weeks Coaches Corner is a short interview with AKH CEO Manoj Daji, he reflects on his experiences coaching, the impact it’s had on him and his passion for helping young hockey players reach their potential.



Week Four – Sport NZ Coaching in a Digital World

This week we look at tips for Coaching in a Digital World with Andy Rogers, Sport NZ  National Sport Development Consultant.


Week Five with Ryan Archibald

Ryan Archibald talks about his experiences at NHL campaigns as a player, what stands out as the important factors for a team to succeed, how can leaders of the team influence the campaign and how was his experience playing along side Great Britain International, Barry Middleton at Somerville in 2019.

Ryan has represented Auckland at a representative tournament for many years, in which time he has won numerous national titles. Ryan has had a very successful career in the New Zealand BlackSticks as well, which has helped him be a role model within the teams he represented Auckland for at National League.

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