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Notice of AKH 2021 AGM – Sat April 10th @ 10am, LEP

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DATE: Saturday April 10th 2021
TIME: 10am
VENUE: Lloyd Elsmore Stadium, Pakuranga



1. AK Hockey Annual Report for year ended 31 December 2020


2. AK Hockey Annual Financial Statements for year ended 31 December 2020 and presentation by CEO on Capital Replacements and 2020 Covid affected Financials.


3. Election of Board Members

The current AK Hockey Board members and the dates on which they were elected or appointed to the Board are set out below. Paresh Patel has come to the end of his second term and does not wish to be re-elected. Chris Arthur and Peter Lowndes, both current appointed members are standing for the two elected member positions now available. The nomination form for elected Board Members is attached to this notice. AKH must receive any nominations to by 5pm on 29th March.


Name Elected Board Member or Appointed Board Member (and date of election or appointment)
Dave Wigmore (Chair): Re-elected at 2019 AGM
Ryan Archibald: Elected 2019.
Peter Lowndes: Appointed June 2020. Standing for Election 2021.
Paresh Patel: Re-elected at 2018 AGM. End of second term.
Chris Arthur: Appointed February 2017. Standing for Election 2021.
Robyn Neil (Deputy Chair): Re-elected at 2020 AGM.



4. Election of Officers

The current officers are:

Patron Len Brown
President Ray Parmenter
Women’s Vice-President Pam Elgar
Men’s Vice President Neil McCorkindale
Immediate Past-President Jeff Archibald

Apart from the office of Immediate Past-President (which is always the last President) each Officer holds office until he or she resigns or is replaced (with no fixed term). AK Hockey is not aware of any current Officer intending to resign. Therefore, there are no vacancies.



5. Life Membership

AK Hockey calls for the nomination of new Life Members. The nomination form is attached to this notice. AK Hockey must receive any nominations by 5.00pm on Monday 29th March. These should be sent to Nominations can only be made by clubs affiliated to AK Hockey, by College Sport or by Auckland Hockey Umpires’ Association (AHUA) (with the authority of the nominating organisation). All nominations will be circulated to affiliated clubs, College Sport and the AHUA.

All Life Memberships require a special (75% or more) resolution at the AGM, and the prior approval of the Board. To provide its approval, the Board must be satisfied that the nominee has made a long and outstanding contribution to the sport of hockey in Auckland.


Nomination Form – Life Membership

Nomination Form – Elected Board Members

AKH proudly acknowledge the support of our Partners