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Masters Survey Summary and Next Steps

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Masters Survey Summary and Next Steps

Thank you to the 102 Masters stakeholders who took part in our survey.

Below is a highlight of survey results and some learnings for us at AKH to implement to ensure we do provide an optimal experience in the Masters space for 2022 and future campaigns.

Clearly part of this is putting in place a Masters Advisory Group to act as an effective link between the playing stakeholders and Auckland Hockey’s office. This group will have the responsibility to further review the survey results and its learnings and come up with some key recommendations and changes to be made. If you are interested in being part of this group you should complete the Expression of Interest (EOI) form below.

Thank you again to those who engaged with us. It is much appreciated.



Manoj Daji QSM



Masters Survey Highlights and Key Learnings 

* Respondents believed that the Overall Masters Experience before and during National Tournament  is good (43%) to excellent(29%)

* 90% of Respondents felt supported by Auckland Hockey

* Trials need to be better. 46% Good and 13%  Excellent.

* 94% of respondents are happy with the costs and player contribution model currently used.

* Respondents believe that support and camaraderie of fellow teams at tournament can be better. Good 38% and Excellent 27%.

* A clear balance is required between  competing to win(58%) and participating (42%).

* The Summer Hockey competition in its current format may need a revamp including a look at rules enforcement. 59% are happy with the competition.

* 93%  believe coaches should be appointed and confirmed by AKH with non-masters AKH staff acting as independent selectors.

* 79% believe Player coaches are ok where outright coaches can’t be appointed.

* Induction of coaches is an opportunity for AKH. 76% agreed.

* 58% like the idea of fair game-time.

* 72% would like to play in Adidas uniforms.


Expressions of Interest Called for an AKH Masters Advisory Group (AMAG)

Purpose: The AMAG’s purpose is to support Masters Hockey within AKH and encourage increased participation.


Scope and Membership: The AMAG will be supported by the AKH Board with its Chair being an AKH Board Member joined by 6 members at any one time. The 7 member group should meet online or in person each year monthly (excl May – August). The AMAG where possible should be a gender-equal group with members experiences covering the various age groups. The AMAG membership selection is the responsibility of the AMAG Chair in conjunction with the CEO.


AMAG Responsibilities:

– Review annual AKH Masters Survey

– Make recommendations about Masters Hockey to the AKH Board and CEO.

– Advise on strategic and policy and Masters competition matters pertaining to Masters Hockey.

– Select coaches and managers of Masters teams.

– Consider dispensation requests from other Associations and Masters Players.

– An AMAG Rep should represent AKH on the HNZ Masters Council.


AMAG Membership Essential Skills and Experiences

– Experience as a Masters Player, Coach, Manager, at National Tournament and/or International level.

– Complaint Resolution experience.

– Strong communicator.

– Policy development experience.


Please click on the link to submit an EOI to be considered for the AMAG. EOI’s due to Auckland Hockey by June 30.

AKH proudly acknowledge the support of our Partners