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Masters North v South Series – Friday 18th – Sunday 20th

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Congratulation’s to all of the Auckland Master’s players, umpires and coaches selected for the North vs South series which will take place between Friday 18th and Sunday 20th of November 2022 at the National Hockey Centre in North Harbour. There’ll be plenty of action with over 100 Aucklanders involved, so get across the bridge and support the teams!

Game schedule and scores can be viewed by clicking here

Over 70 men Over 50 Women
John Bullock North Lisa Rose North
Brian Codlin North Kirsten Spencer North
John Nimmo North Brigid Duffield North
Paul de Vere South Nicola Adams North
Mahendra Unka South Kerri Murray North
Julia Dawson North
Over 65 Women Angela Attwood North
Barbara Apisai North Anna Shattky North
Jocelyn Murphy North Clare Dunne North
Irene Ryan North Erika Turner North
Loretta Augustin North Liz Venter North
Maree Stenberg North
Celia Talbot North Over 50 Men
Lorraine Vickery South Crawford Blair North
Maeve Morrison South Robert Lowe North
Jeanette Marinovic South Tim Aynsley North
Mike Bignell North
Over 65 Men Mark Pooley North
Nitin Ullal North Rob Thomas North
Arvind Kanji North
Paul Stenberg North Over 45 Women
Kelvin Fleet North Debbie Worthington North
Bruce Mclean North Merrin Laurenson North
Samantha Jackson North
Over 55/60 Women Toni Cleary North
Fiona Perry North
Pam Elgar North Over 45 Men
Catherine Hemi North Bradely Grobler North
Cheryl Henderson North Dipesh Parag North
Anne MacGill North Nigel Wilson North
Craig Further North
Over 60 Men Mark Roberts North
Brian Evanson North Aminder Gill North
Dennis Fraser North Geoff Lichtwark North
Mathew Slark North Clyde Fernandes North
Neil Macculloch North
Peter Van Breuge North Over 40 Women
Scott Louden North Margie Joubert North
Shane Mulchahy North Sandra Buchanan North
Charlie Oscroft – Coach North Tammy Marais North
Over 55 Women Over 40 Men
Kerryn Nodder North Jared Murray North
Caroline Robinson North Aaron Hill North
Chris Arthur (Player/Coach) North Vijay Patel North
Annelize Potgieter North Craig van Zyl North
Kerri Murray North Andrew Maslin North
Erika Turner North
Over 35 Women
Over 55 Men Danielle Lett North
Mark Wilcox North Emma Walter North
David Ching North Hannah Baldwin North
Steve Holley North Janet Mackay North
Philip Bradley North Nicola Connell North
Larry Stenberg North Nicole Youman North
Clint Tweedale North Jarrod Wrigley – Coach North
Andrew Massey North
Andrew Cornish North Over 35 Men
Kevin Johnson North Mark Dudley North
Peter Botting North Jason Archibald North
Murray Yeoman North
Chris Ashton North



Caleb Perry Elize Meyer
Helen Colenso Howar Mair
Blaise Monterio Trish Hurley
Joanna Thoms Scott Hayter
Andrew Wells


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