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Important Notice: Auckland Hockey Venue Liquor Policy and Umpire Abuse

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Auckland Hockey Venue Liquor Policy and Umpire Abuse

Dear Club Presidents, Secretaries, Club Captains and Team Officials,

Following several recent complaints received by the Auckland Hockey (AKH) office in regard to Liquor Policy breaches at various venues and an influx of umpire abuse reports and cards, please ensure the following messages are passed on to your teams and club members. Thank you for helping us to convey these important messages, which impact all stakeholders.

Liquor Licenses
AKH competition venues are subject to various Liquor License restrictions.
– All Licensed Venues are prohibited from any external liquor being brought onto the premises.
– All school based venues have a no Liquor policy to be enforced.

Any breach of a licensed venue’s policy (eg LEP, Avondale, Kolmar) puts the Duty Manager and Liquor License at risk. The penalties for liquor license breaches are severe, including substantial fines (eg $10,000) and potential loss of license, thereby compromising all stakeholder enjoyment.

AKH Liquor Policy at all Venues
All AKH participants and spectators are not permitted to bring alcohol into any venue. This includes all school and community turfs used for AKH Competitions.

Any teams or individuals breaching the above policy risk being defaulted for the relevant match the policy is breached, and further sanctions under the AKH Code of Conduct.

Furthermore, any participants or spectators breaching policy that results in a monetary fine will have the fine passed on to them.

Umpire Abuse
This is a strong reminder that umpire abuse will not be tolerated by AKH. Over recent weeks we have issued a number of suspensions for umpire abuse, as well as automatic stand-downs for breaching the 6 point Foul Language/Abuse card threshold.

Players, Coaches, Managers or Team Officials who are abusive or use foul language on or in the vicinity of the field of play may be temporarily suspended and points awarded in respect to cards issued for offences.

Individuals who consistently offend may be required to appear before a Judicial Committee who may impose an appropriate penalty/suspension under the AKH Code of Conduct.

Furthermore, there are team sanctions to be imposed for serial offenders including:

  1. Teams who reach a combined total of 18 points specifically for abuse and foul language, will have 4 competition points automatically deducted.
  2. If a team reaches 24 points, an additional 8 points will be deducted.
  3. If a team reaches 30 points, a Judicial Hearing will be held to decide any further punishment, points deduction, game forfeiture, finals cancellation, monetary fine or other punishment deemed appropriate.

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