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Auckland Hockey’s Sustainability Journey featuring the brand new Poligras Paris GT zero turf and LED floodlights on Turf One!

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Auckland Hockey is thrilled to announce the first Poligras Paris GT zero turf has arrived in New Zealand alongside brand new LED floodlights on Turf One!

Lloyd Elsmore Park, the home of Auckland Hockey, now sports the next generation Olympic turf in a move that supports both their environmental and player performance goals.

Hockey’s first carbon zero turf, it is made with 80% sugarcane and produced using green energy. Its ‘Turf Glide’ technology reduces surface friction and means that with less irrigation than normal or with only atmospheric moisture (rain, mist, dew) the turf performs like a premium wet surface – fast, fluid and flat.

Watch the video below to find out more about Auckland Hockey’s sustainability journey, with turf partners Polytan.


Thank you to our generous funding partners:

Lottery Community Facility Fund, NZCT, Foundation North, Pub Charity, Lion Foundation, NZ TAB, Howick Local Board, Akarana Community Trust and Dragon Community Trust.


AKH proudly acknowledge the support of our Partners