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AKH Covid Community Connection Plan: Weekly Lockdown Video Series

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With all of our AKH stakeholders at home during the lockdown, we aim to produce a series of daily unique hockey video content for the next fortnight aimed at helping you all keep healthy, active, engaged and entertained.

The content will be provided by our staff and AKH Rep players with a self-help focus.

Below is a rundown of what to look out for and expect each week day on our social media channels and website.

Daily videos and content will be posted on our social media channels and website.

Take care of yourselves, your families and each other, and we hope this keeps you connected with us.

The Auckland Hockey Staff Team of Sandie, Denise, Joe, James and Manoj


SKILL CLINICS with Sandie Mackie and Joe Hanks (Monday’s)

Sandie and Joe will teach and take you through specific skills to help to improve your game and technique. They will explain, educate and execute varying skills so you can be an even better player once you are back out on the pitch. Joe and Sandie will also be referring you to various hockey links from around the world showing you another spin on training the various skills.

We also encourage everyone at home to take a video of you trying the skill, upload it to Facebook or Instagram and tag Auckland Hockey. So, find a place in your backyard, front yard, garage, driveway, get ready to practise at home and show us what you’ve got!


HOCKEYFIT advice with Paul White (Tuesday’s).

Paul will share exercises that you can do at home to stay fit and healthy. This could include strength or cardio circuits, stretching, physio advice, warm-ups or warm-downs and local neighbourhood running plans.

Film your own fitness program or exercise and tag us in your Facebook post.


COACHTIME with Joe and Manoj (Wednesday’s)

Joe will provide insights and perspectives into a range of different areas of coaching. This will include topics from coach masterclasses and interviews with some of our best hockey minds through to sharing knowledge on things like assessing player effectiveness and alternative methods of data collection. The self-help focus will be referring you to various hockey links from around the world aimed at helping your development as a coach.


HOCKEY WELLBEING and MENTAL SKILLS with Denise (Thursday’s)

In these sessions Denise will refer players and coaches to a host of health and wellbeing topics including, mindfulness and visualisation, etc. The self-help focus will be referring you to various hockey links from around the world showing you another spin on these topics.


HOCKEY AT HOME series with James (Friday’s)

In these light interviews with James various AKH personalities will share their hidden talents and interests with you.

AKH proudly acknowledge the support of our Partners