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Lockdown Skill Clinics with Sandie Mackie and Joe Hanks

Lockdown Skill Clinics with AKH’s Community Hockey Team of Sandie Mackie and Joe Hanks

Each Monday Joe and Sandie will teach and take you through specific skills to help to improve your game and technique. They will explain, educate and execute varying skills so you can be an even better player once you are back out on the pitch. Joe and Sandie will also be referring you to various hockey links from around the world showing you another spin on training the various skills.

We also encourage everyone at home to take a video of you trying the skill, upload it to Facebook or Instagram and tag Auckland Hockey. So, find a place in your backyard, front yard, garage, driveway and get ready to practise at home and make sure you show us what you’ve got!


Skill 1: Learn the Push Drag/Show n’ Go with Joe Hanks


Skill 2: Learn the V Drag with Joe Hanks


Skill 3: Reverse Stick Hitting and Ball Movement with Vantage Black Sticks


Skill 4: Reverse Hit Passing with Mark Knowles

Mark played over 300 games for the Kookaburras Men National Side. We were lucky in January to have Mark visit Auckland Hockey and take our coaches and players through some skills.


Skill 5: Overhead Pass with Mark Knowles

Mark Knowles explains the overhead pass. Internationally, Mark is recognised as one of the most accurate and effective over head passers when he was playing international Hockey.


Skill 6: Goal Keeper Drills – Part One

Libby Grigg explains some easy drills for Goalkeepers to undertake during your time at home. Libby is an Auckland Hockey representative at both NHL and U21s in 2019. She is also a member of the Howick Pakuranga Premier Womens team.


Skill 7 – Goal Keeper Drills – Part Two

Libby Grigg takes you through some more Goalkeeper drills to do at home. Libby is joined by Ruan Bezuidenhout, who has represented Auckland Hockey throughout the age groups growing up. Ruan was recently selected in the HNZ Performance Network group. Ruan plays his club hockey at Roskill Eden Hockey Club.


Skill 7 – Goal Keeper Drills – Part Three

Libby Grigg takes you through some sequences to add all the skills together. The final episode for Goal Keepers training from home as you prepare to get back on the turf very soon.

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