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AKH Stakeholder Survey Results

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Summary – AKH COVID 19 Stakeholder Survey

A big thank you to all stakeholders who gave up their time to complete the survey for us and share any comments. Each AK Hockey Club has received a summary pertaining to its own membership along with comments from its members. The data collected will be used to inform our decision making about community hockey in coming months. Our number one priority is the health and well-being of our stakeholders at this time and ensuring we follow government guidelines and any other agreed guidelines from HNZ and SNZ.

At the May 4 online meeting of Club Council and Presidents we are hoping to be in a position to have an up to date picture of what community hockey may look like this year, again taking into account any government announcements and decisions.

Stay Safe and Take Care and engage if you have time in our COVID19 Community Connection series.

Manoj Daji  CEO AK Hockey


View the full Survey here: 2020 Member Survey Results – Summary



Total Number of respondents:1440 


1. Which of the following best describes your current relationship with hockey in Auckland?

94% Playing Members of a Club or Parent of Junior Player


2. Gender of Respondents: Male 44% Female 56%


3. Which hockey club are you or your child a member of in the AKH Association?

All 12 clubs represented, with at least 45 responses from all Hockey Clubs and 20 responses from the AKH Umpires Association.


4. How likely are you or your child to play club hockey when this 2020 season is able to start post lockdown?

89% Very likely or likely


5. Please select the likelihood you would play across the following months:

May 56% Likely or Very Likely, June 70%, July 79%, Aug 79%, Sept 76 %, Oct 69%, Nov 63%


6. Depending on the impact of the delay to start the 2020 season, would you be open to playing club matches mid-week as well as during the weekend in order to get a full season completed?

Premier Intercity Yes 66% Senior Yes 64%  Youth Yes 58%


7. With the above in mind what nights would you be open to playing mid-week to ensure a full season can be completed?

Premier Intercity                 Tues 49% Wed 68% Thurs 46%

Senior                                         Tues 52% Wed 68% Thurs 53%

Youth                                           Tues 44% Wed 51%  Thurs 43% Fri 45%


8. If you are an Intercity level player are you happy to resume the competition started in March before lockdown?

Yes           83%           No           17%


9. If you do not want to resume Intercity Competition from where it was left off, would you be more comfortable playing versus only Auckland club teams for the 2020 season?

Yes           59%            No          41%


10. I would rather play in FOH type (summer 6 or 7 a-side) competitions for the remainder of the year.

Disagree                   83%


11. If the season cannot be started again until October, instead of having a shortened season what would you prefer?

A Series of FOH weekends                                                        27%

A series of double header matches (eg 2 matches a week)            48%

To not play until 2021                                                                                    25%


12. What would a meaningful season look like to you?

8-9 games               22%

10-11 games          32%

12-13 games          24%

14+ games              21%


13. Do you play a Summer Sport?

Yes           57%

No             42%


14. If you play a a summer sport which summer sport do you play and which days do you typically play?


Days – Tues, Wed, Thurs, and Saturday largely

Main Sports:

Summer Hockey   363                                               Cricket                                         146

Tennis                       113                                               Touch Rugby                             57


15. Cross-code ideas:

Hockey and cross fit type classes; Hockey-Touch; Zoom or web classes; Foosball hockey; 3 aside hockey; Inter club skills challenges; 5m rule at all times. Hockey-Netball.


16. Rep Hockey – Local Derbies

Yes – I am interested 79%


17. What REP age group are you eligible for?

NHC  32%                 U21s 8%                   U18s 20%                 U15s 19%                 U13s 21%


18. Number of supporters per player at your club matches?

0 -3 =       74%




AKH proudly acknowledge the support of our Partners