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AKH ALERT LEVEL 2: Friday 25th September – RETURN TO PLAY

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AKH ALERT LEVEL 2: Friday 25th September – RETURN TO PLAY

  • 100 person Mass Gathering Restrictions apply in Auckland for the 14 days from 24 September.
  • As we indicated over a month ago we are  committed to providing opportunities for stakeholders to get back to enjoying hockey and have a meaningful end to their extended seasons. This is in line with the data we collected from over 2200 playing stakeholders.
  • Recent delays in returning to Level 2 have meant that we have lost 2 of the 6 weeks to the planned extension of the season. We recognise also that the personal circumstances of some club members may have changed since last canvassed and some teams may have decided to pull out.
  • Luckily Hockey in our city is in the fortunate position compared with grass field winter codes like Rugby, Rugby League and Football  of being able to use our turfs all year round.

AKH is taking a PLAY it SAFE, cautious approach to RETURN TO PLAY with our number one priority being the Health of our players and ensuring we get you back to playing. Taking account then of the Government announcement on Monday 21 September and after consultation with Club Presidents, School Turf providers, and our Intercity partners North Harbour Hockey, as well as consideration of the learnings from other provincial associations at Alert Level 2, we can confirm:

Intercity, Senior Grades and Youth resume Friday 25th September.

–                 League Winners and Championships awarded as normal on weekend of 16-18 October.

–                  Intercity Finals Saturday 10th October – venue tbc

–                 Auckland Men’s and Women’s Premiership Finals Saturday 17th October at LEP

–                 Juniors resume Saturday 26th September but games are optional.

  • Some club and primary school and junior teams will be able to train at available turfs this week. This is at the discretion of the turf owner.
  • Teams and individuals are advised to stay at home if sick or unwell.
  • No spectators at training under Level 2 – this applies to Senior Club Hockey, Intercity Hockey and Youth Hockey.
  • Saturday morning AKH Junior Hockey – strictly one parent/guardian spectator per player only. The parent/guardian spectator must social distance around the turf. Other parents and/or guardians must wait in cars. Strictly no spectators at Diocesan or Baradene Turfs for Junior Hockey under Level 2.
  • Please Do Not loiter or congregate in carparks at turf venues.

Contact Tracing

  • It is your Individual responsibility to ensure you are recorded as present with your team’s delegate in charge of supplying team registration sheets to AKH, for your club or your primary school team.
  • You should also record your attendance on the government COVID-19 Tracer App via the QR codes available at the respective turf gate.

LEP and Other Turfs

  • Arrive just before your training time, changed, warmed up and ready to go.
  • Seniors arrive 30 minutes before your match time, changed, warmed up and ready to go. Matches are spaced so you will need to wait in the grandstand until the previous teams have left the turf and dugouts. Juniors arrive 15 minutes before your match time.
  • Changing rooms will be closed at LEP and most School Turfs under Level 2. Bottom floor toilets at LEP will be open. The LEP Bar and Cafe will be closed under Level 2 for midweek training, Youth and Junior games.
  • The LEP Bar and Café will only be open for Senior teams following games in the weekend for an after-match drink where you will be seated, spaced and served.
  • Use hand sanitiser when entering and exiting a turf.
  • Please Do Not move any of the goals. No sharing of safety equipment or sticks.
  • No handshakes or hugs. Strictly no spitting on the turf.
  • Training equipment like bibs, cones and balls should be disinfected by your team after a training session or match.
  • Off the turf continue to practice social distancing.
  • At AKH we encourage the wearing of masks when you are off the turf.



  • There will be NO SPECTATORS allowed at games at the following school turfs under Level 2: Avondale, AGS, MRGS and Waitakere.
  • There will be SPECTATORS allowed at games at the following turfs under Level 2: NHC tbc Thurs 24 Sept; Kolmar (Balcony only for Bar Patrons), LEP (grandstands only). Spectators must sign in with QR code.
  • Saturday morning AKH Junior hockey – strictly one parent/guardian spectator per player only. The parent spectator must social distance around the turf. Other parents and/or guardians must wait in cars. A turf coordinator will be in attendance to ensure compliance. Strictly No spectators are allowed at the Baradene and Diocesan Turfs.



Note that we will endeavour to have draws for the weekend coming up on our website by 9pm on Wed 23rd September. Please be patient as we work through the various draw, format and turf changes over the next 48 hours.

Thank you in advance for your co-operation and understanding and helping us to get Community Hockey back up and running.


Auckland Hockey

AKH proudly acknowledge the support of our Partners