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National Hockey Championship 2022 – Expression of Interest

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2022 AKH NHC Trials

Represent Auckland at the 2022 NHC in Dunedin and join the 800 players who have represented Auckland at Provincial A level since 1903.

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Trial Dates
Boys – Monday 27 June and Wednesday 29 June
Girls – Monday 27 June and Monday 4th July

Venue and Time: LEP stadium 7pm, wear black shorts and white socks. Shirts will be provided.

Coaches: Women – Simon Child. Men – Arun Panchia and Clive Daniels.

Eligibility – Premier players – see HNZ rules below.

Player Contributions – TBC – covering HNZ fees, flights, accomodation. Please note as flagship Premier Rep teams your contribution is subsidised by Auckland Hockey by 50%.

BlackStick Players – Please advise Rochi by 26 June if you are available to play and represent Auckland Hockey in the 2022 NHC.

Squads Selected from Trials
Auckland Mens and Womens NHC Squads to prepare for the 2022 NHC.
Mens and Womens Royals Academy (aged 19 plus ) Squad to prepare for a Japan or Australian Exchange tbc in Nov-Dec 2022.

Squad named – July 8th (representative sports leave letters available for squad players for employers and tertiary institutions)

Final selection Announcement for NHC Teams – Sunday 21st August

Open Squad trainings on Mondays at LEP 7pm with Shane McLeod, Rochi Gonzalez and Manoj Daji scheduled for 18 July, 25 July, 8 and 15 august. (Optional sessions )

Final NHC Team trainings at LEP 7pm – Mondays and Wednesdays 22 August to September 7 inclusive.(mandatory sessions )

NHC Build up games v Waikato, Harbour and Northland scheduled for 27, 28 August and 3 September tbc.

Any questions about this year’s NHC Campaign should be directed to Rochi at

Auckland Hockey

HNZ Eligibility Rules


– The intent is to provide all players the choice of being eligible for their registered Association or their origin/home Association.

6.1 A player is registered with the Association to which his/her club is affiliated.

6.2 A player may only belong to one club at a time.

6.4 To play for an association in a National Tournament a player must be a financially eligible player, not be part of a judicial sanction or review, or not be deemed unsuitable at the discretion of HNZ. Players must also be approved by Hockey NZ as a ‘Guest Player’ for that Association or be eligible under the ‘Association of Origin’ rule.

6.5 A player returning to NZ from overseas is eligible to play as a local player at the National Tournament for the NZ Association they were last affiliated to. The player must be a NZ Citizen (NZ permanent resident or passport holder) and must not have represented another country at U-21 or senior international level. They are not required to play at least four (4) weeks of official club/school competition in that Association immediately prior to tournament

6.6 Age Qualification

8. Association of Origin NHC Tournament

8.1 A Player’s ‘Association of Origin’ is defined by each player but must meet one of the following criteria:

– First represented association

– Registered association during the majority of your secondary schooling

– Registered association of first senior club game

– Registered association during the majority of your tertiary education

8.2 There are no restrictions on the number of ‘Association of Origin’ players in a team.

8.3 The Hockey NZ Association of Origin Form must be signed by the player’s registered

Association Executive, the player and the Executive of the Association wishing to register the player. (A copy of the Association of Origin Form is available to download from the ‘Rules, Policies’ section of the Hockey NZ website).

8.4 A copy of the signed Association of Origin Form must be received by Hockey NZ by the 1st of August 2021 for NHC.

Once a player has chosen their ‘Association of Origin’ this cannot be changed year to year except as outlined clause in 8.5

8.5 Where a player has been living in an Association and been actively playing in that Association’s club competition for a minimum of 5 consecutive years they can apply to change their ‘Association of Origin’ to their current ‘Registered Association’ by submitting an application to Hockey New Zealand. Once changed the ‘Registered Association’ becomes for all intents and purposes the players ‘Association of Origin’. Hockey New Zealand decisions on these matters will be final.


a) Guest Players are permitted in the National Hockey Championship. The maximum number of Guest players available to be used by a team is four (4).

e) A Guest Player is a person who has permission from their registered Association to play for another Association in a Hockey NZ competition.

f) An Association may withhold permission for a player to become a Guest Player if:

– the player did not make themselves available for their own Association

– the player is unfinancial to a club/school within their Association or to the Association, or

– the player has been suspended from hockey due to current or pending disciplinary action.

g) Associations must not withhold giving written permission for a player to become a Guest Player if none of the conditions set out above are applicable to the player. Negotiations are between Associations and Guest Players. Hockey NZ will not participate in any negotiations. The player has the right to decline to play for an Association.

h) The Hockey NZ Guest Player Agreement Form must be signed by the Guest Player’s registered Association Executive, the Guest Player and the Executive of the Association wishing to register the Guest Player. (A copy of the Guest Player Agreement Form is available for download from the ‘Important Downloads’ section of the Hockey NZ website).

i) A copy of the signed Guest Player Agreement Form must be received by Hockey NZ at least fourteen (14) days before the commencement date of the tournament. (2 weeks). This 2 week period may be waved if a guest player is used as a replacement player under rule 19.

International Guest Players are not eligible in the Ford National Hockey Championship.

AKH proudly acknowledge the support of our Partners