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AKH Stakeholder Update – Tuesday 21st September

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Auckland Hockey Stakeholder Update
Tuesday 21st September.

AKH Stakeholder Update – Tuesday 21st September.

We hope this update finds you all safe.

Given the Alert Level update provided by the government yesterday and knowing we are at Alert Level 3 for at least 2 weeks we now provide further updates below. Post the announcement by the Government scheduled for Monday 4 October  we will be in a position to further firm up TBC dates below.

Further Updates:

Premier Semi Finals – Monday 11 October or Tuesday 12 October TBC.

Premier Reserve and all Senior Divisional Finals – Saturday 16 and Sunday 17 October TBC.

AKH Tri Series now an Open Training session for U16 players – Sunday 10 October at LEP TBC (U14 Tri Series now  Sunday 17 October TBC)

AKH SCHOOL HOLIDAY PROGRAMME -Years 5-8 – TBC – October 11-13 – LEP
 U16 Tournament October Holidays Week 2  – now AKH, CMHA, NORTHLAND and NHHA at NHC ALBANY -TBC for Thursday 14 and Friday 15 October (AKH will be sending two or three teams per gender)

The Team at Auckland Hockey 

Summer Hockey

Summer Hockey registrations are also now open for all grades. Click on the image below to register your 6-aside Junior, Youth, Family or Senior team, 11 a-aside Masters team or to register your interest to Umpire.

As we eagerly await the opportunity to see and work with Tokyo Olympic Gold medal winning coach Shane McLeod, AKH CEO Manoj Daji talks with Shane on Junior and Youth Hockey, Alexander Hendrickx and Drag Flicking. Check out AKH’s YouTube Channel for more interviews with Shane McLeod, Ryan Archibald and Ramesh Patel.

Lloyd Elsmore Hockey Stadium Capital Projects Update

We’re also pleased to update you on our capital projects scheduled for this summer at Auckland Hockey Stadium including the completion of the refurbishment of the old fire damaged and inoperable kitchen.

We have significant aspects of the 2021 Repairs and Maintenance Plan to be completed post the current lockdown (exact dates TBC) and through the summer period.
1. Replacement of Turf 1 Carpet
2. Replacement of Turf 1 Floodlights (dependent on external funding decisions)3. Building Strengthening work
4. Pop-up Kitchen reinstatement and refitting
5. Water Bore and Pump installation

Due to the nature of this work the LEP Building may be closed for a period of time to staff and patrons. The summer window provides the most optimal conditions for turf replacement and the building has its least intensive occupancy during this period.

We look forward to the benefit these projects will provide all stakeholders, with a new playing surface for 2022, strengthened building, upgraded pop-up kitchen and with the water bore providing much less reliance on mains water and a near self-sustainable solution for turf watering.

Temporary fencing may prohibit access to the Building and temporary toilets and a pop up bar/cafe will be in use at the cricket ground end of the stadium. LEP Turf 2 and it’s dugouts will be operational during this time for summer hockey programmes.

We would like to acknowledge the support of Auckland Council and Watercare for the Water Bore project, as well as the generous support of Pub Charity for the Pop-up Kitchen reinstatement project.

While it is acknowledged stakeholders will be inconvenienced, such capital repairs and improvements are absolutely necessary in providing an up to date, functional and sustainable facility for Auckland Hockey and our community to enjoy.

Thank you, stay safe and we look forward to seeing smiling faces around Auckland Hockey turfs soon.

The team at Auckland Hockey

AKH proudly acknowledge the support of our Partners